Clan Tartan - Scott [Dandie Dinmont Tartan]

Clan Tartan


matching lead

Our clan tartan in Scott tartan.  This is a striking black and white tartan and is the official tartan of the Dandie Dinmont breed.  The collars are hard wearing but can be dressed up with our accessory range such as bowtie.  A matching lead is also available and we have a choice of silver, gold, rose gold or matt black buckle. Our bowties are detachable

Collar Width:

 Small 2 cm,

 Medium & Large 2.5cm.

Collar Length:

 Small 18cm - 29cm
Medium 30 cm - 43 cm
Large 44 cm- 59 cm

Available on request
Colour match plastic buckle
Extra small 15mm width
Extra large 38mm

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