Ordering Bespoke Quilts

Our bespoke quilts are handmade to order and as individual as your furry best friend is, so we need a little more information before you can purchase them.  When you complete our order form below, it allows us to discuss the design with you, so we can then direct you to our Store to make your purchase at the agreed price.

As our quilts are bespoke, they also may take a little longer to make and once we have an understanding of your requirements and agreed on a design, we will also advise on lead time.

To see examples of bespoke quilts we have previously made, please visit our Personalisation page, or take a look at the gallery on our Tartan Terrors Clan page.


Uniquely designed with carefully considered personalised features as individual as the recipient they are hand made for.  Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, using a variety of techniques as quilting, appliqué and machine embroidery, they are hand crafted to reflect personality using character traits or activities as inspiration.

Please complete the Quilt Order Form below to start the process and, once we have discussed your final design, we will direct you to our Store to make your purchase at the agreed price.


Sizes available:

92 x 92 cm36" x 36"
102 x 102 cm40" x 40"
112 x 112 cm44" x 44"

Other sizes available on request.

Quilt Order Form:

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Thank you, we'll be in touch to discuss your bespoke quilt order


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