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Our clan tartan in MacAulay clan tartan.  The collars are hard wearing but can be dressed up with our accessory range such as bowtie or bandana.  A matching lead is also available and we have a choice of silver, gold, plastic buckles (all buckles have our logo on the face of the buckle). Our bowties are detachable and our bandanas are over the collar style {alternative styles are available on request}

These collars and leads are made using robust nylon webbing as the core and then it is fully covered with 100% wool tartan.  They are hand made in Fife Scotland and the tartan used is genuine Clan tartans that have been source3d form Scottish weaving mills.  They are washable and a set of washing instructions are enclosed with any items purchased from us.

Collar Width: Small 2 cm, Medium & Large 2.5cm.

Collar Length: Small 18cm - 29cm
Medium 30 cm - 43 cm
Large 44 cm- 59 cm

Available on request
Extra small 15mm width
Extra large 38mm
Martingale Style

SKU: 10000-1300

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