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Our clan tartan range - Henderson Tartan. This is a 100% wool tartan sourced from Scottish weaving mills. The fabric is the same as that used to make kilts, albeit a lighter weight version. These collars and accessories are ideal to match kilts or simply to own a bit of Scottish heritage for your dog. The collar/ lead is made using a strong poly nylon webbing at its core and the tartan fabric surrounds this webbing. The collars/accessories are washable by washing in cool soapy water, rinse and lay flat to dry.  The collar/lead comes with the choice of a silver, gold or plastic buckle and hardware (if purchasing a lead with a collar with the plastic buckle option, the lead will have silver hardware/clip) and we attach a Tartan Terrors swing tag, which is capable of taking engraving on the reverse side (we do not provide an engraving service) sizes are as follows

small - 19cm to 30 cm (20mm wide)

medium - 31cm to 45cm (25mm wide)

Large - 46cm to 60cm (25mm wide)

Extra small in 16mm width and extra large in 40mm width are available on request (please message us). We also do belt buckle collars, martingale collars and half check chain collars all on request.

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