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It's a Paisley Kind of Summer

We are preparing ourselves for summer at Tartan Terrors (well we all live in hope that 2019 will be as good as last year!). We started thinking about this a while back. What would fit with the Scottish Heritage theme of Tartan Terrors that would be in line with our profile, but would be cool, comfortable, stylish and Scottish. Being born and bred in Paisley myself it was a no brainer that Paisley Pattern was a perfect fit for our range, It comes in cotton, that retains cooling properties, but more than that it is a beautiful vibrant and lively pattern,  The pattern is actually Persian in origin. It was originally known as "Boteh Jegheh" and was originally created around 221AD. The design represents the Cypress tree which is a symbol of life and eternity.. During the 1600s the Paisley Pattern began to appear on shawls through imports from the East India Company. Around the 1800s the weavers in the mills in Paisley became the primary producers of these shawls and that is how the design became known as the Paisley Pattern.

In the past they have been very subdued, or dramatic rich colours, however, the Paisley has been reinvented in the most stunning pastels and citrus shades, making it perfect for our modern day demands for "something different". The shades of the summer Paisley designs match perfectly with our range of buckles in gold, silver or rose gold.

We are officialy in love with Paisley


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