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New collars in development

At Tartan Terrors we are trying to cater to all our potential customer's needs and we thought it was time that we tried to meet the needs of our sighthounds who are all crying out for some tartan and Harris Tweed collars. We have developed our first Martingale collars. These collars do not have a traditional buckle on them, but have a loop on the collar which means that the collar will expand to go over the head and neck and will rest loosely on the neck until any kind of resistance is felt and then the loop tightens, which in turn tightens the collar round the neck without causing any damage to the long and delicate necks of your whippets, greyhounds etc. We are developing these in 38mm width, 25mm width and will be testing a 20mm version for smaller Whippet type dogs.

One of our wonderful stockists "Raw4Paws" in Dalbeattie has identified a small group of customers who are going to carry out our testing regime. We will run them through a battery of tests to assure security, safety and comfort scoring and will receive feedback. When this has been completed then we will be going into full production and will have the full range of our collars with a martingale option in the range of widths we decide on.

We will get some photographs of our tester group and let you all see these when the testing period is complete.

We always love hearing new ideas for what you want but can't find elsewhere as we love a challenge at Tartan Terrors workroom, so please get in touch if you have any ideas you think might make a good addition to our range.

Recently I was asked if I could make a head collar for a horse in tartan. Armed with a head collar to use as a template we set to work. Chinese puzzle springs to mind,but we got there and Cas the horse is now proudly sporting his new head harness 

Hopefully we are moving into spring/summer now so get out there and enjoy getting outdoors again now the days are longer and (hopefully) we have some fine weather ahead for our 4 legged friends to enjoy.


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