Fleece Scarf Rainbow




These scarfs are in made in our cosy thermal fleece fabric. Available in a range of tartan and dog themed patterns, but shown here in our happy rainbow. They are fringed at the bottom, with the end feeding through a loop of fabric around the neck. This makes them safe to wear as they will pull off if your dog gets caught on anything, however it won't slip off of its own accord as once looped around your dog's neck it is secure, so no chance of it slipping off inadvertently. The scarfs are all finished with a cute resin embellishment at the neck, so you can choose between and animal charm or flower charm.

 To fit Collar Length:

 Small 18cm - 29cm

Medium 30 cm - 43 cm

Large 44 cm- 59 cm

SKU: 10378 TAG: blue, red, green violet, orange, pink

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